The Original Ford Joke Book

Copyright, 1915


     In offering this booklet to the public at large it is the intention of the publishers to appeal to the most prominent of all NATIONAL traits:  the American sense of humor.

     With the passing of the ancient and hoary mother-in-law wheeze, the moss-grown chicken gags and the decrepit railroad jokes, the American public floundered about for a long time in sea of commonplaces until somebody sprang the original Ford car joke and started a long train of wheezes, japeries, drolleries, and witticisms that spread like wildfire from coast to coast.

     Most of the material in this volume has been purchased from the man-on-the-street, while some of it came directly from enthusiastic drivers of Ford cars who submitted them for acceptance, seeking "gasoline money;" some of it is original.

     This Booklet is not intended as a reflection on the merits of the Ford car.  The Ford car needs no defense or excuse for existence; but on the other hand this booklet is not subsidized by the Ford company.

    New and more elaborate editions will be issued from time to time as the amount of new material warrants and the publishers are always open and will gladly pay for new and original jokes, verses, etc., following along the lines of the material presented herewith.

The Woodward Publishing Company,    
Binghamton, N. Y.