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   Prohibition Songs


Words and Music by CHAS. M. FILLMORE.

Copyright, 1898, by The Fillmore Bros.

All the politicians tell us and of course they ought to know,
That the cause of Prohibition has-ent got the slightest show,
We can never win the battle even if our cause be right
And that no one but a crank would think of keeping up the fight.

To be real frank, I'd rather be a crank,
And stand right square on the Prohibition plank,
Than to be in the rank of the blankety, blank, blank,
Who votes the self-same ticket as the montebank.

We are very visionary, and impractical they say,
Since we can not see as they see, and accept a better way,
We would cease our agitation, and accept what we could get,
If we were not, as they say we are, a foolish, cranky set.


If we only had a grain of sense and took them at their word,
We would not become a laughing-stock, and make ourselves absurd,
We would whoop it up for tariff, or for silver, or for gold,
Or for anything but temperance, -- at least, so we are told.


Well, perhaps they may be right -- and then, again -- they may be wrong,
And perhaps we are a set of cranks this conflict to prolong,
But until this mighty question has been settled in the right,
We propose to still continue cranks, and carry on the fight.


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Prohibition Songs:  A collection of Prohibition Campaign, Patriotic Services, and all Meetings in the interest of Reform

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